There's a Reason That Your Golf is Not Improving...!
by Steve Bann

"Most golfers have been conditioned to react to the previous shot that they hit ...i.e. if they hit a bad shot they try to correct it on the next

shot - this is known as the Reactive Cycle.

Until you break this pattern and apply what is known as the Improvement

Cycle you will struggle to improve"

by Steve Bann- Coach to Stuart Appleby and KJ Choi.

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Pure Golf Training is a serious , members-only resource for those serious

about improving their golf.

What will I get as a member?

Members of Pure Golf Training will receive brand new training modules every


Each month, these modules will include detailed steps on how to improve in one specific area of your game. These monthly modules are known as Improvement

Cycles. They have each been designed by one of our elite golf coaches.

Monthly modules will be delivered online right here in the Membership Site.

How will Improvement Cycles help my game?

Quite simply, the improvement cycle system is the fastest, guaranteed method of improvement for golfers of every level.

This training is now used by athletes in just about every other

sport. It is only in recent times that this methodology has been

applied to golf.

Pure Golf Training will provide you with a system for golf improvement - a system that will not only allow you to achieve your maximum potential as a golfer, but also to help you break through those invisible barriers that seem to be stopping you from taking your golf to the next level.

What are the specific steps involved

Members of the Pure Golf Training website will be guided through a three phase

process to golf improvement:

Phase 1- Make an assessment of where your golf is at present (for a particular

area of your game)

Phase 2- Set some realistic goals and an appropriate timeframe.

Phase 3- Carry out some specific tasks/drills/practice programs that are specifically aimed at improving that part of your game

NOTE:Whilst this is not gimmicky, quick fix solution to golf improvement you

will be amazed at how quickly your scores will start to

plummet. The difference is that you are now focusing on true and

sustainable improvement rather than applying band-aid fixes to your

golf game.

Your golfing buddies will be amazed!

How Much Will it Cost?

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